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Do you want to install a new deck where you can enjoy outdoor views or spend time with friends and family? At PA Custom Deck Builders LLC, we can provide you with deck design and construction solutions to make your dream deck a reality.

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Why Hire Deck Design Services Near Me?

A new deck has to meet many different requirements. The perfect deck fits the topography of your land and your property’s physical structure and architectural design. For example, if your house has a modern style, you need a deck with a contemporary appearance.

Your deck should also match your lifestyle. Suppose your family enjoys outdoor cooking on Saturday afternoons. In that case, building a deck large enough to accommodate your grill and smoker makes sense.

The deck should also provide a pleasant environment with a view over the best of your home’s landscape or natural surroundings.

Careful design ensures that your new deck fits this long requirements list. We have a team of experienced deck designers at PA Custom Deck Builders LLC who will guide you through our deck design process.

Our Deck Design Process

When you contact us to request a free deck construction estimate, we will visit your property to do a complete site assessment. During this visit, we will take note of all relevant structure and landscape characteristics. We will also discuss your project expectations, budget, and any ideas you have.

While consulting with you, we will decide whether you need deck covering, stairs, curved features, and railings.

Available Deck Accessories

We can install a wide range of deck features to enhance your new deck’s curb appeal and function. These accessories include screened walls, mood lighting, a fireplace, or built-in seating. If we believe one or more of these accessories might fit your needs, we will add them to our recommendation.

Once we understand the project’s scope, we will provide building material and deck style suggestions and help you choose one that fits your preferences. Then, we will draft a construction drawing.

Initial Design

The initial design is our construction drawing to help you envision the project outcome. Before finalizing the design, you are free to make any changes. We will give a detailed and accurate project cost estimate if you are satisfied with the design.

Building Permit Application

Upon completion of the design process, we compile a building permit application which includes the construction drawing. The city might also require additional documentation from you. Obtaining the necessary permits is crucial to ensure that we build your new deck to code and that the structure is safe, mitigating your risk of potential liability claims.

After finalizing the design and building permits, we will begin constructing your new deck.

Start the Deck Design Process Today

At PA Custom Deck Builders, clear communication is the bedrock of high-end decking design. We will consider all your dreams and ideas and incorporate them into your new deck design.

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