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At PA Customer Deck Builders LLC, we are leading deck railing contractors. If you want to build a new deck or if your existing deck needs a railing replacement, our team can help.

Choosing the proper railings for your deck is critical to ensure regulatory compliance, deck safety, and optimal curb appeal. Please keep reading to learn more about our deck railing solutions, and contact us to request a deck railing service estimate.

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Why Does Your Deck Need Railings?

Your deck might not require a railing, so it’s essential to understand the reasons for a railing before you incur installation costs.

Safety and Building code requirements: Each city has unique deck railing requirements, and complying with these codes is crucial. Generally, decks with heights ranging from 20 to 30 inches must have a railing to eliminate fall hazards.

The railings must also meet specific requirements. For example, deck railings must not be climbable by children. Additionally, each side of your deck that is not adjacent to a wall must have railings.

Your deck’s staircases must also feature railings, especially along edges not against a wall. City regulations also specify the spaces between railings, which is typically a maximum of around four inches. If the spaces between the railings are too wide, small children can climb through them, fall, or get stuck.

Curb Appeal

Railings can be an aesthetic addition to a deck. For example, metal railings can give a modern or industrial edge to your deck’s design style. Wood or composite railings can add a natural element, softening stone or steel elements.


In some cases, a railing is an ideal option to create a little privacy on your deck. If you have an elevated deck, you can install solid railings to obscure your deck from street view but without limiting the view from your deck.

Create a traffic path

Even if you have a flat deck on the ground, railings can help to keep foot traffic away from your flower beds.

Types of Deck Railing

Your new railings don’t necessarily need a similar construction material as your deck. Combining different materials, such as composite boards and steel, can create an eye-catching contrast.

The different types of deck railings include:

Wood deck railings
Composite deck railings
Vinyl deck railings
Clear acrylic panels
Tempered glass panels
We are a vinyl railing contractor at PA Custom Deck Builders LLC and can install any railing that you prefer.

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If you want to install new railings to keep your deck safe and up to code, our team of deck railing contractors can help. Call us today to request a free estimate.

Deck Railing Contractors Near Me:
Signs You Need a Railing Replacement

Signs that you need to replace your deck’s railings include:

  • Rot, warping, or other signs of deterioration
  • Loose or corroded railing fasteners
  • Loosening railing structures

If you notice any of the above, your railings don’t provide optimal protection against fall hazards. You should also replace your deck railings if they are becoming an eyesore.

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