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Screened porches are growing in popularity due to the advantages they carry like increase in natural light. PA Custom Deck Builders helps you with professionals to create a perfect space. Call us now for a free estimate.

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One of the best ways to upgrade your home is by adding a screened porch or getting patio enclosures. In most cases, if you already have a porch, all you need to do is have expert screen porch builders assist you with the screening. Screen porches have grown in popularity because of the many advantages that come with them. Sure with open porches, you get improvements like more airflow and increased natural light. 

On the economic front, you can increase your house’s value and footage with an open porch. While it also increases the aesthetic appeal of your house. With screen porches, you get all these advantages and so much more.

Increased Security

Any security expert will tell you that the more barriers created at your home’s entry points, the better. With a screen porch, you have an additional barrier before any intruder gets to the door. Sure, screen porches were not designed for security, but the extra door and wall could deter criminals from pursuing their quest.


Even if you are on your property, your porch often can be facing your neighbors. By screening your porch, you can have added privacy to host your family or friends without the fear of prying eyes.

Helps control weather effects

If you have ever stepped out to an open porch on a hot summer day, you can attest to how hot it can get. Screening helps stop excessive sunlight and heat from reaching your porch ensuring a more controlled enjoyable outdoor experience. On the flip side, the screening also protects you from other weather elements like hail, rain and snow, which can be just as uncomfortable, if not more than the sun’s heat.

Protect your items from weather elements

Sunlight can affect the appearance and even destroy things when you leave them outside. The sunlight may hit these items with less intensity by having a screen porch protecting them. The setup also protects your items from hail, snow, and rain damage.

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Why You Should Consider A Screened Porch

As you can see, a screened porch can help you enhance your security and privacy and protect you from weather elements, making it the perfect inside outdoor experience. A screened porch is more like an extension of your living room.


Just like your living room, you can customize your screened porch as you would like. Add the furniture of your choice, light fixtures, a grill, and anything else you want, depending on its function.

Bug And Pest Free

Imagine enjoying company on the porch, and a random lizard runs across. Or having a drink late at night and pesky mosquitoes also having a drink at your expense. All this can be avoided with a screen porch as it shields pests, bugs, small rodents, and other animals from intruding into your house. As a result, screen porches make for the perfect hosting place.

As you can see, having a screen porch is a great way to improve your home. However, you need the help of experienced screen porch builders to create the perfect space. We are always ready to help you with this at PA Custom Deck Builders LLC. Our experienced and dedicated team is always at hand to help answer all your questions. Are you looking for Screen Porch Contractors Near Me? Call For A Free Estimate.

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