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Every homeowner wants a custom house that suits their personaltiy. You can add personality to your house in many ways, and one of the best is building a porch.At PA Custom Deck Builders LLC, we offer composite decking as one of our deck construction solutions. This construction material is the go-to option among thousands of homeowners who want to build durable decks that will last for decades.

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Building a house can be an expensive investment. However, every homeowner wants their house to have a little of their personality. Others want their home to be more inviting. Others want it to be spacious, while others want the home to look more entertaining. You can add personality to your house in many ways, and one of the best is building a porch.

Most front or back porches are part of the doorway(attached) or close to the doorway (detached). Therefore they would be the first thing many people see when they come to your home.

You can use your porch design as a statement piece letting everyone know what you are all about. However, like many construction projects, the costs can skyrocket if not handled by the right porch builders. You need to work with a company that will listen to your opinion. A team that will help you mold your version to reality. One that will work within your budget to bring out your personality while ensuring the porch is functional and purposeful.

Why You Should Build A Porch

There are many reasons you should have a porch, and the most conventional one is the aesthetic appeal. A porch adds layers of character to your house. They often add some asymmetry to an otherwise symmetric house design, making the house more eye-catching and exciting. Other reasons include the following:

Family Time

A porch is a great place for anyone to hang out, be it with family, friends or just alone. It creates a calming or exciting mood depending on the company. It is a great place to enjoy a sunny afternoon, unwind, bond or get fresh air.

Add house footage

Once you build a porch, it will be part of the house’s acreage, which can also increase the property’s value. Such constructions are also considered investments and can increase your equity in the house if you have a mortgage.

Increase airflow and natural lighting

Natural light can help a home feel more comfortable and better the interior’s aesthetic appeal. It also gives the illusion of more space, making your interior decoration stand out. The increased airflow makes the home more relaxed and inviting to your visitors.

Are You Looking For Porch Contractors Near Me?

As experienced porch builders, we understand that everyone is different. When you contact us, we always listen to your ideas with an open mind. We will help you from the early stages, such as porch design, to ensure everything is within your budget while getting exactly what you want. Call For A Free Estimate.

Types Of Porches From Pa Custom Deck Builders LLC

Some of the porch designs we can help you with are:

Retractable Porches: Enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine! Add value to your property and versatility to your living space with the touch of a button. Host BBQs, entertain guests or relax with family while being protected from the elements.

Screen Porch: in this instance, the porch is covered by a screen cover. It is great for added security and privacy. It can also protect you from pests, insects and small rodents. It is more like an outdoor living space. With the added security and privacy the screening offers, you can add amenities like a TV, fireplace or even a grill.

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