6 Tips To Design Your Own Custom Deck

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Do you find your backyard dull and uninspiring? Looking forward to weekends and evenings outdoors while you cozy up at home can be a healthy way to relax in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Luckily, you can create that retreat by adding a beautiful bespoke deck to your home. Even better, you can comfortably enjoy your surroundings with loved ones, guests, and furry companions. In addition, decks increase the utility of your property by creating a beautiful and functional space and increase the value of your property to make it attractive to potential buyers.  

However, building a deck without following proper procedures will undoubtedly result in sloppy work, which can be expensive in the long run. Consider the following deck design tips for unique quality results, from concept and layout to materials and finish. But first, here’s why you should go with a bespoke deck;

Getting a custom deck will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Your custom deck can blend seamlessly into the landscaping of your property and garden
  • Enjoy the unique wind and sun protection for your home
  • It’s an investment for a future higher return on investment (ROI) compared to a traditional deck.
  • Your home will increase in marketability due to the additional unique functionality and appeal.
  • Experience increased seclusion from passersby and neighbors
  • Get personalization based on your preferences and location
  • Personalized decks are a means to frame the best possible natural views
  • Choose the things that matter most to you without breaking your budget.
  • You can integrate additional amenities into a custom deck, including fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and hot tubs, to name a few.

1. Measure The Available Space

With decks, size affects functionality. More space means more options for outdoor pursuits, such as a grilling section, a freestanding tub, a fire pit, a place for outdoor cooking, a more comprehensive selection of furniture, and many other exciting additions to your household may need. Plus, the extra space can give potential buyers more ideas on using the vast area when you put your home on the market.

In addition, when sizing the deck, the main thing to consider is how it looks compared to your home and the neighboring environment. Is the area in scale with your property? A huge deck on a modest home or a tiny deck on a massive home are often not desirable combinations. Reasonably scaling your deck implies that your outdoor spaces should mirror indoor spaces. That way, you can also apply the aesthetics of your choice.

2. What Are The Main Intended Uses For Your Deck?

When designing a deck, make a checklist of the functions you want it to accomplish and the maximum number of people you want it to accommodate. Also, consider freestanding heaters, planters, umbrellas, and the number and size of furniture you wish to place. Decks with several floors at different heights, connected by stairs, are ideal for homeowners who like to host large gatherings and have many areas for various activities. 

Conversely, if you want some dedicated space for grilling, consider planning an area with different sections for eating and lounging; for example, you can include a fireplace that merges seamlessly with the space. You can also extend the usability of your deck by adding the following:

  • Built-In Seats

Whenever possible, they are a great way to increase seating to save space and spend less money on weather protection for your outdoor seating area.

  • Rooftop Extension

A roof extension is one of the most desirable parts of outdoor living areas. With a roof, you can turn your outdoor space into an outdoor living area and enjoy your deck in various weather conditions.

  • Combined Deck And Patio

A paved patio is an excellent addition to your outdoor space where your deck ends. A good harmony of materials will create interest and attractiveness in the area.

3. Understand How The Sun Shines In Your Space

Often, homeowners overlook where the sun shines, a crucial aspect of deck design. Find out where the sun shines on your deck during the hot season. A perfect deck design will consider sun and shade to ensure you enjoy your relaxation space. You can achieve this harmony perfectly by aligning your unique deck with the summer sun. 

Canopies, a large parasol, a trellis, or a pergola are other ways to provide more shade and protect your deck. Above all, a high-quality roof addition is an incomparable upgrade for your deck, provided you have enough space and a budget to spare. While at it, consider the benefits of strategically placed trees if your decking is low to the ground.

4. Optimize The Deck Design To Get The Best Views

If views were instrumental during the purchase of your property, ensure you make the most of them. Typically deck installations are between the outstanding sights and your home; therefore, take the design layout seriously. A popular approach would be to place your lounging space on a deck section with the best view of the breathtaking nature. When designing an outdoor area, it is also best to consider how you will incorporate your landscaping. To achieve those fantastic views, you also need to decide how high you want your patio to be; in some instances, multi-level patios are the ideal option.

However, if your house does not offer a vista due to nearby development on both sides, you can plan for a privacy screen to only allow people to see what is outside and not inside. You can make your outdoor living area private by creating a custom patio with privacy walls and panels.

5. Effectively Integrate Pathways

During a custom deck design, harmonious planning is vital. You want to avoid situations where you have to move the furniture aside to move around. Once you’ve decided on your deck’s elements and size, consider the environment and pathways your family will use to get to and from the deck. You can discover the best routes by entering and exiting your deck and yard. It’s best to design a quick and flexible path to make the transitions between different sections of your deck easy and seamless.

6. Materials To Consider For A Standout Deck

Two of the preferred decking materials for a unique outdoor deck are hardwood and composite. Natural wood offers a higher ROI (return on investment) than composites. It is also durable. You need to know that hardwood provides an authentic, natural feel, and research shows that its aesthetics last longer. Aside from its elegant look, natural wood offers several other advantages, including natural pest resistance, durability, ease of maintenance and repair, and reliable quality and accessibility.

Homeowners looking for a durable material that requires little maintenance and is weather and insect resistant should consider composite decking an ideal option. It’s also an excellent choice to achieve a wood-like look without having to paint or varnish it regularly. The best time to outfit your deck with composite depends mainly on your individual needs and preferences.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space With PA Custom Deck BuildersBuilding a deck is a valuable investment and requires the skills of a professional in the field. The above recommendations are essential to learning how to design a deck. With PA Custom Deck Builders, you can get an ideal deck that meets your requirements and style preferences. We build a long-lasting, low-maintenance deck that is perfect for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors, thanks to our top-notch craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. We have everything you need, whether you’re looking for durable composite decking or a traditional wood look. Ensure your upcoming decking project meets top-notch industry standards by PA Custom Deck Builders. Once you’re comfortable with each element of your newly designed custom deck, our experienced deck builders will bring your dreams to life. So Call Us For a Free Estimate Today!

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