Best Ways To Protect Your Deck Year Round

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Best Ways To Protect Your Deck Year Round

Decks aren’t only an extension of the living space and a practical addition to your property. They’re a space where you can create memories and relax after a busy day. Here you can have fun with your loved ones and friends while enjoying the beauty of nature. It’s no wonder that a well-constructed deck holds a special place in so many of our hearts. However, it’s in your best interest to protect them, just like everything else you adore. 

Understand that sunlight exposure, rainfall, snowfall, and wind can damage your deck. However, proper and regular maintenance can go a long way in keeping your deck beautiful and sturdy for many decades. Below are the best year-round deck protection methods. You’ll also learn what you need to know to keep your deck in the best condition possible – from choosing suitable materials to routine repairs and maintenance. 

Arrange Loose Objects

After you have covered or stowed away your most essential furnishings, you should again carefully scan your deck for small loose items. Often homeowners have items such as flower pots, lanterns, string lights, and other accessories on the deck. Removing these items from your deck may help prevent wood damage. For maximum protection, consider applying a deck sealer to prevent scratches that loose accessories can cause.

Get A Cover To Protect Your Deck

Decking materials are sensitive to extreme weather conditions like heat, which can damage them over time. The best way to protect your deck from weather-related problems is with a cover. A deck with a pergola or canopy is already protected from these damaging conditions. Suppose your deck lacks these protections. In this case, you can use a tarp to prevent rain, leaves, dirt, or snow from affecting your deck’s integrity. Even better, you can apply a deck stain during spring or fall in preparation for extreme weather conditions. It helps keep moisture and pests like termites at bay, which can otherwise cause significant damage like mold, wood rot, or mildew.

Cover Outdoor Furniture Or Move It Indoors

As soon as the weather worsens, it would be best to consider putting your outdoor furniture into storage. However, clean the furniture thoroughly before you put it away for the winter. If you don’t have storage space for your furniture, you can cover it with weatherproof material to protect it from the elements.

Regularly Clear Snow From Your Deck

If you don’t protect a wooden deck in the winter, it’s essential to clear it of snow regularly. Otherwise, when snow accumulates on the deck, water can seep into its cracks and freeze, damaging the wooden material. Even for decks with roofing, it’s advisable to clear the protective tarpaulin of snow regularly. 

Let’s Help You Protect Your Deck From Bad WeatherA deck is an excellent addition to any home. Besides using the best paint for decks and cleaning them regularly, you should also understand the nature of their material. As PA Custom Deck Builders, we know how damaging inclement weather can be to your deck. Consider following the advice above to keep your deck in pristine condition for years. But if you have any questions about deck maintenance or want a free estimate on a new bespoke deck, get in touch with us immediately. While you are at it, ask us as many questions as you can. We are top-notch deck contractors who understand that each homeowner’s needs are different. So it’s no surprise that our team will listen carefully to your needs and deliver them with absolute precision.

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